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Amazing Intuitive Integrated Insights Redefining Your World

  • icubed vehicle utilisation
    Redefining potential
    in your business
    Where all vehicle & asset data becomes one,
    providing Intuitive, Integrated Insights
  • Driver Behaviour
    Where Driver Safety
    becomes one
    Artificial Intelligence combining video detection
    of fatigue & distraction,
    driver behaviour analysis & incident registers,
    providing insight into risk management
  • Driver Behaviour
    better outcomes
    Combining work order management
    route planning & analysis
    creates efficiencies & safer outcomes
  • service station
    cost analysis
    Combining vehicle activity, driver behaviour,
    mainitenance & fuel data
    assists managers in reducing costs
    fuel data
  • car pool
    Car Pooling
    Achieving balanced utilisation of fleet
    whilst reducing public transport and taxi fares
    fuel data

Trusted by 40,000+ Clients Since 1998
Where the technology we develop in partnership with
Government & Corporate clients
becomes available to small and medium sized businesses

  • Transport NSW Government
  • Transgrid
  • Police
  • ANZ
  • Boral
  • Case
  • Chubb
  • Dulux
  • Elgas
  • Fulton Hogan
  • LendLease
  • Nab
  • Nestle
  • SaGov
  • Spotless

Redefining Telematics Insights

  •   Location Insights
  •   Vehicle Maintenance Insights
  •   Driver Safety Insights
  •   Engine Management Insights
  •   Cargo Temperature Insights
  •   PTO Insights
  •   Artificial Intelligence Dash & Driver Safety Cameras - Providing Driver Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring & Alerts, Frontal Collision, Lane Departure, Monitoring & Alerts, Speed Limit Sign Recognition with Alerts
  •   Driver Behaviour Insights
  •   Fleet Operational Expense Insghts
  •   Incident & Infringement Insights
  •   Tyre Pressure Insights
  •   Vehicle Weight Insights
  •   Video Telematics Insights
  •   Data Insights - Pre Start Checklist, Electronic Fatigue Management Work Diaries, Mass Management Declarations, Truck Navigation with Live Traffic, Job Dispatch, Sign on glass, Photos, Forms and more
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i³ A Beautiful Integrated Solution

An Intuitive Integrated solution can only provide great insights if the telematics hardware and software comes together as one.

Our unique point of difference is that Intellitrac design, develop and manufacture all telematics hardware, software and GIS mapping. As a result IntelliTrac i³ integrates beautifully to bring together all data as one, allowing you to make better informed decisions.


IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Telematics

Integrating Work Order Management Insights

Join organisations around the world combining IntelliTrac i³ with Bizzow Business Management Software.
Bizzow is an IntelliTrac company taking business to the next level in achieving seamless efficiency and productivity in a paperless environment with Intuitive Integrated Insights.

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Integrating Work Order Insights

As your business grows and you start realising the Integrated Intuitive Insights of i³, take it to the next level with Bizzow and increase your insights into work order distribution and CRM.

  •   Job Scheduling Insights
  •   Client Insights
  •   Client Contact Insights
  •   Staff Insights
  •   Vehicle Data Insights
  •   Staff Location Insights
  •   Route Planning Insights
  •   Job Progress Insights
  •   Job/Task/Project Insights
  •   Materials Used Insights
  •   Invoice & Quote Insights
  •   Workflow Automation Insights
  •   Email & SMS Automation Insights
  •   Urgent Jobs Attention Insights
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Providing Greater Intuition

Bizzow Dashboard

Redefining Integration in the field

Bizzow Job Dispatch FSM App

Providing Insights in the field

Simply log into the app and get your jobs for the day. Eliminate paperwork and unnecessary calls. Work smarter and get control of your business.

  •   Allocated Jobs Insights
  •   Job Status Insights
  •   Electronic Forms Insights
  •   Photographic Insights
  •   Job Notes Insights
  •   Acceptance Signature Insights
  •   Parts/Resources Insights
  •   Navigation Insights
  •   Document Insights
  •   Scheduling Insights
  •   Client Insights
  •   Quoting Insights
  •   Invoicing Insights
  •   Location Insights
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We hold your hand From Consultancy to Completion

GPS Telematics Consulting

At IntelliTrac we aim to understand your business & processes as well as your budget before recommending a solution. We believe that by partnering with our clients & building their success we build our own. Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients by providing leading edge, reliable, affordable solutions, that provide real benefits to our customers, backed by excellent customer service & support.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software Setup

IntelliTrac provides your organisation with a smooth transition into GPS satellite tracking & telematics technology by configuring in vehicle telematics devices & software on your behalf. We provide a turn key approach to implementing GPS tracking solutions within your business. We supply you usernames and passwords. All your staff need to do is log in and start using the system.

GPS Telematics Installation

At IntelliTrac our professional automotive technicians come to your premises to install GPS tracking devices & required peripherals professionally & efficiently. Our technicians are project managed by our Bizzow apps which provide full transparency to our clients including time on site, WHS & QA forms & check lists, photographs of workmanship & client sign off. We use the software solutions we sell.

GPS Telematics & Tracking Training Classes

We provide training on all our solutions. Small & Medium Sized businesses will be provided generic online training manuals &training videos. Corporate & Government departments may be provided classroom training. At anytime you may request training from our training department. These training sessions are conducted online via webinars or via one on one sessions.

Fleet Utilisation

Driver behaviour

Fuel Usage Reduction

Work Health & Safety Improvement

Customer Service

Why You Should Choose IntelliTrac i³

We are Australian Owned
We Design, Develop & Manufacture

IntelliTrac Hawk Dashboard

We Are Experts in Integrated Telematics Solutions

GIS Mapping Data & Systems Integrations
Local Government Waste, Sweeping, Road Grading, Mowing, Car Pooling, Fleet & Plant Solutions,
State Government Emergency Services & Public Transport Solutions,
Insurance Telematics Solutions
Small Business Trades & Field Service Solutions


  • Reputation & Proven Record

    We have been in business since 1987 & pioneering GPS Telematics since 1998. We simply do it better & have diverse hardware engineering & software development teams to continuously improve our products & software, ensuring your business is always using the best available technology & getting the desired results.

  • It Works

    IntelliTrac manufactures the devices, develops the software & also develops its own mapping technology using official government supplied mapping data. That means we are in control of the whole solution supply chain, making it our sole responsibility to keep solutions operating at peak performance. We have full accountability to provide you a 100% working solution.

  • Value For Money

    Choosing IntelliTrac means that the technology developed in the deployment of large corporate & government solutions is passed down to small business. It means you are buying the best GPS telematics solution at the best possible price.

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About Us

We are committed to developing & bringing to market leading edge, reliable, affordable products & software solutions, that provide real benefits to our customers, backed by excellent customer service & support.

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