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Our New  Team Members

John Durante

  • Managing Director IntelliTrac
  • Non Exec Director IntelliTrac Malaysia
  • Psuedo Master Chef
  • Coffee Snob
  • Loves Fishing & Travel
  • Tragic Tigers Supporter

About Me

John has been with IntelliTrac for 13 years and most of you would have spoken with him in the past but know very little about his background.
John began his executive business career as a production and sales director of Insulboard Limited where at only 20 years of age, was at the time the youngest person to hold an Executive Director position for an Australian publicly listed company. At 24, he decided to venture into his own business founding Australian Cellulose Industries and within a short period of time, the company became the largest supplier of cellulose based insulation products in Australia.
During this time, John established a relationship with Telecom (Telstra) and, for those of you old enough to remember as far back as the 80s, John originated the concept of the Telecom Book Muncher Bins. The books were recycled by John’s company and were manufactured into kitty litter and insulation products.
John’s business career over the years has been varied and include working in management positions in companies such as CSR, owned businesses in the hospitality sector, has been involved in intelligence software, a heating and cooling business and was also associated with Motorola’s two-way radio division.
In 1999, John saw an opportunity with a relatively new concept in Australia of being able to track vehicles utilising both radio tower and satellite technology. He immersed himself in this industry and has remained passionate about this technology ever since. He has immensely enjoyed seeing the development of a simple concept of being able to “put dots on a map” to the increasingly complex and varied solutions that are now available to companies that have a fleet of vehicles.
On a personal level, John has been married to Pip for 28 years. His interests include travel, fishing and is a tragic (although lately not so tragic) Richmond Tigers supporter. He is also known for being a complete coffee snob. His one main regret in life is never pursuing his passion in food and becoming a chef………...maybe there is still time!

Sara Durante

  • Digital Marketing Department
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Lived in USA
  • Reality TV Tragic
  • Loves Sewing
  • Loves Social Media

About Me

Sara has come on board to join our Digital Marketing department. She is working with our team to develop some new and exciting partnerships with brands we love, creating great new content for our social pipes and also assisting our Sales and Accounts teams to make our internal processes run smoothly.
Sara spends her time away from the office catching up on terrible reality television, sewing, tagging her partner in dog videos on Facebook and planning rad international holidays. If you need to get in touch with her regarding any of the above - whether that be Marketing & PR or your feelings on casting Sophie Monk as this year’s Bachelorette - you can email her at sara@intellitrac.com.au

Luke Rigo

  • Digital Marketing Department
  • Bachelor of Marketing & Digital Marketing
  • Lived in USA & Canada for 2 years
  • Soccer Referee
  • Gym/Health Enthusiast
  • Sneaker Head

About Me

Luke is the newest member to join IntelliTrac in the Digital Marketing department.
He has an abundance of knowledge and skills that he’ll use to engage with the IntelliTrac audience, one of them being video editing.
In his spare time, Luke loves to sip a coffee or even better, he loves to enjoy the company of his pet dog. Luke also referees soccer and loves to give people a Red Card, so be careful if you come across him! Luke is an exciting new member of the team and if you need to get in touch with him about anything marketing related, shoot him an email at luke@intellitrac.com.au

Michael Pellegrino

  • Sales Team
  • Luxury Car Sales
  • Homeware Designer
  • Loves Cars
  • Loves Technology
  • Loves His Pooches

About Me

Michael joined our sales team last month. As an experienced sales guru with over 15 years experience in luxury automotive sales, we’re excited for him to grow within IntelliTrac and share his knowledge with the rest of the team! In his spare times, he is also an independent homeware designer and spends time with his dogs. If you want to get in touch with him, you can email him directly at Michael.pellegrino@intellitrac.com.au

Elissa Calapai

  • Sales Team
  • Completing a Commerce Degree
  • Ex Elite Gymnist
  • Loves fashion
  • Loves lifestyle shows & blogs
  • Loves gym

About Me

With a Bachelor of Commerce almost completed, a Real Estate Agents Licence and vast experience in Retail Fashion we welcome aboard Elissa assisting in our admin department and marketing department. Elissa was an elite gymnist prior to her retirement at the age of 16. She loves lifestyle shows, fashion, fitness and her two huskies. You can email her directly at elissa.calapai@intellitrac.com.au


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Dean Calapai - Founder CEO

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