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Frequently Asked Questions - Support

  • I cannot Log In?

    Remember to always log in via the IntelliTrac home page. Do not set up any other shortcuts as these may become outdated
    To Log In please click here
    If you have forgotten your username or password Please click here
    We recommend to always use Chrome Internet Browser
    To download Chrome browser please click here

  • One Of My vehicle Locations Has Not Updated

    As a general rule, vehicles will not update location unless the vehicle ignition is switched on. The tracking device will enter power saving sleep mode approximately 3-15 minutes after the ignition is switched off in order to prevent flat batteries and excessive data use.
    Vehicle installed with the older MyCars or MyCarsGen2 may not update GPS location if the vehicle is travelling in a 2G mobile phone blackspot area
    Ensure the vehicle has been used since the last location, date and time displayed on the map. This information is available by hovering the mouse over the vehicle icon on the map or viewing the information contained in the table below the map.

  • The GPS Location data is showing "TOW"

    Means the vehicle is moving without ignition on. This fault is normally a result of a blown ignition fuse. Most common causes are a result of plugging in a faulty mobile phone charger in the cigarette lighter socket or power adapter. Check all fuses in the vehicle. If fuses are OK, please schedule a service call.

  • The GPS Location data is showing "Power Disconnected or Power Lost or BBAT LOW"

    Means the GPS device has lost power . For example:- The car battery has been disconnected or the GPS device has been unplugged or tampered with. The device will normally operate on backup battery until power is restored. Please check car battery connections and check all fuses in the vehicle. If the car battery is connected and fuses are OK, please schedule a service call.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Accounts

  • How can I request Invoice Copies?

    International Clients. Please contact your local Office or Reseller

    Australian Clients- Simply register for our online accounts portal. You will need your last invoice, as we will request information on that invoice to verify your identity. Click here to register.
    Of course if you do not have your last invoice handy, you may contact IntelliTrac (Within Australia) 1300 767 492 or From Overseas +61 3 9467 6188 Select Option 4.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Sales

  • How Do I order More GPS Devices?

    International Clients. Please contact your local Office or Reseller

    Australian clients - If you are an existing IntelliTrac client, simply click on the products page, select the product family from the list. For example:- Fleet Tracking or Machinery Tracking and click the buy now option. This will open on online order form, where you can place your orders. IntelliTrac will contact you once the order is submitted online. Of course you can also phone or email your IntelliTrac representative. Please call (Within Australia) 1300 767 492 or From Overseas +61 3 9467 6188 Select Option 1. Alternatively you may Contact Us Online

  • Frequently Asked Questions - More Here

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IntelliTrac is commited to delivering the highest standards of customer service.
To ensure your company enjoys the full extent of IntelliTrac & Bizzow features, the IntelliTrac support team is available online to assist you to get started.

For those more advanced system setups, Australian head office provides a team of software support engineers to guide you along the way to a successful large scale or corporate implementation. In addition we can assist with customised software development and integration into existing accounting, ERP and infomatics systems.

We support you by:-

  • Helping you set up & configure your IntelliTrac and Bizzow system.
  • Private or group online training sessions
  • Regular newsletters advising of new features & handy hints
  • Online training videos
  • Listening to your needs & providing regular software updates & addition of new features
  • Unlimited help desk via phone & email
  • Service packs with modifications & fixes as required
  • Research & Development keeping up with latest technologies
  • Ensuring Apps are compatible with the latest Smart Mobile Devices