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Our history dates back to 1987 when 23 year   Since 1998  known as IntelliTrac & Bizzow,
   IntelliTrac                          old Dean Calapai formed Novatronics and     our products and software solutions have set
                                        began manufacturing automotive security   the benchmark in GPS tracking, telematics
   BRW Magazine Fast 100                systems which were sold throughout    and mobile job dispatch solutions.  We have
                                        Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea,   won many awards including BRW Magazine’s
   Cool Company Awards                  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia  to  Fast 100 &  Anthill Magazine’s Cool Company
                                        car manufacturers, car dealers & retail stores.  Awards and have expanded globally.

    Fleet Management

  “Dynamic Technology                         Improve Efficiency, Productivity, Accountability & Security

    IntelliTrac Fleet Management Solutions                                                   In Vehicle
    are delivered via an easy to use internet                   Integrated Apps              GPS Tracking Device
    cloud based software platform.
                                                                    Chain of Responsibility
                                                                    Job Dispatch
    Manage your business from anywhere,                             Navigation
    anytime, in the office, at home, playing
    golf or by the pool.

    “Live Data Streaming Each Second

                                                                                                       Driver ID
    Keeping your finger on the pulse, monitoring                                                       Wave & Go
    efficiency KPI’s and identifying areas of poor                                                     RFID Card
    performance are critical to the profitability and
    growth of your business.

    Featuring                                   “Imagine

    þ Live Turn by Turn True Tracking           þ Know where your staff and vehicles are at all times
    þ Journey Replay & Analysis                 þ Allocate urgent jobs to the closest available vehicle
    þ Route Planning & Optimisation             þ Monitor inefficient job allocation and travelling patterns
    þ Fleet Activity Reporting                  þ Monitor employee working hours and rest breaks
    þ Driver Behaviour Reporting                þ Easily manage customer service enquiries
    þ Engine Management Reporting               þ Prove working hours and  distance travelled
    þ Business/Private Use Reporting            þ Monitor fuel consumption and fuelling times and locations
    þ Fatigue Management Reporting              þ Manage overtime claims
    þ Vehicle Servicing Reporting               þ Log and monitor vehicle service requirements and life cycle costs
    þ Exception & Security Alerting             þ Reduce administration and compliance costs with automatic reporting

        IntelliTrac has improved our business     “ Imagine” Your Success is Our Success
                                                   At IntelliTrac, our clients are our partners, and we know that by
                                                   understanding their business and contributing to their success,
                                                   we build our own.

                                                   We value the long term relationships which we have built with
                                                   our clients and set out to build long lasting relationships with all
                                                   our clients.
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