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Temperature Monitoring

         Monitor Locations & Temperature                                     “Staying Fresh In Transit
         Receive Alerts
                                                                             IntelliTrac Refrigerated Transport
                                                                             Temperature Monitoring solutions
                                                                             provide the ability to monitor and
                                                                             manage refrigerated goods temperatures
                                                                             and issue alerts to drivers and managers
                                                                             when goods fall out of temperature

              Anywhere                         At The Office                 Identify  problems before they occur.
                                                                             Prove you delivered within specification.

       Driver Behaviour

                                        “Automated in cabin live driver behaviour coaching

    Fleet efficiency and productivity are dependent on achieving the most from your mobile assets and your staff.

    Monitoring driving behaviour and analysing driving risk has an enormous impact on costs associated with:-

    þ Maintenance
    þ Insurance
    þ Fuel Consumption
    þ Fuel Theft
    þ Engine Breakdown/Diagnostics

    IntelliTrac’s advanced solutions  allow
    monitoring of driver behaviour parameters
    combined with engine management
    information to provide an accurate
    assessment of any potential risk areas
    to your business.                                                                                             Best Driving Behaviour
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