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Transport Management Systems                  Fuel Tax Credits Reporting
                                                                               Fuel Tax credits provide business
                                 IntelliTrac Transport Management Systems      with a credit for the fuel tax/excise
                                 may be used as standalone software or         that is included in the price of fuel
                                 integrated with existing TMS/ERP backend
                                 systems.                                      used in motor vehicles, plant and
                                                                               equipment traveling off public roads.
                                 Simply integrate load sheets & manifests
                                 into the system allowing IntelliTrac’s TMS    Business can claim from the ATO as
                                                                               a rebate some or all of the excise
                                 to provide a warehouse app to assist in       paid on fuel purchases.
                                 loading compliance and a driver app which
                                 manages pre-start check lists, fatigue log
                                 books, navigation, route optimisation and     IntelliTrac’s fuel tax credits reporting
                                                                               is able to substantiate claims made
                                 sign on glass POD in real time.
                                                                               to the ATO

                                  Car Pooling & Sharing                        Fringe Benefits Tax Reports

                                 IntelliTrac Car Pooling & Sharing solutions   If your business make vehicles
                                 allow organisations to leverage off existing  available for private use by an
                                 GPS telematics technology to provide a        employee, then fringe benefits tax
                                 seamless pool car booking diary system        may be payable on the percentage
                                 with automated RFID tap and go keyless        of private use.
                                 entry and keyless start.
                                                                               IntelliTrac’s FBT reporting module
                                 Simply select an available vehicle, pickup    and app is ATO compliant with a
                                 and drop off times and locations, and the     class ruling and may be used to
                                 system does the rest including email          substantiate your FBT reporting
                                 confirmations, reminders and FBT              obligations.

                                      “ IntelliTrac”  We provide flexible & scalable solutions because we
     Imagine   design, develop & manufacture our products & software to suit you

     IT-30                       IT-300                       OT-10                        I-7    Trailer Tracker
                                                                                                   3 Year Battery
     GPS  - Glonass - 3G - 4GLTE  GPS  - Glonass - 3G - 4GLTE  GPS - A-GPS - Glonass      GPS - Glonass
     2 Inputs 1 positive and 1 negative   4 Inputs inc 2 Analog Inputs  2G - 3G - 4GLTE   3G - 4G
     2 Outputs negative          4 Outputs - RS232 - OBDII    OBDII                       Backup Battery 5200mAh
     Backup Battery              IP 66 Rated                  Backup Battery              G Force Sensor
     G Force Sensor              Backup Battery               G Force Sensor              Real Time Clock
     Real Time Clock             G Force Sensor               Real Time Clock             Magnetic Mount
     89 x 72  x 32 mm            Real Time Clock              45 x 50 x 28mm              Detach Switch
     102g                        115 x 75 x 32mm              8 - 16  Volt                102 x 47 x46mm
     8 - 35Volt                  8 - 40 Volt                                              300g

     IT-300-CT                   IR-Edge-1601                 IPT-10                       GC20CC
     Trailer Tracker 3 Yr Battery  Iridium Satcomms for IT300  GPS - Glonass - 3G          GPS - 3G
     3G - 4GLTE                                               SOS Button - Cancel SOS      Basic GPS Tracking
                                 For Areas Not Covered by 3g/4G
     Wired or self powered       Duplex 2 Way Comms           Man Down Sensor              Backup Battery
     4 Inputs inc 2 Analog Inputs                             3 SMS Alert Numbers          Real Time Clock
                                 Fully Integrated
     IP 66 Rated                 Plug & Play                  G Force Sensor               8-32V
     Backup Battery                                           Real Time Clock
     G Force Sensor              Hot swap as required         24 hour battery
                                 Magnetic Mount Available
     Real Time Clock                                          44 x 82 x 18mm - 70g
     115 x 75 x 32mm                                          Vibrate Function - Eves Dropping

     Australia - Head Office     New Zealand                  Indonesia                    Malaysia
     Telephone  +61 3 9467 6188  Telephone  0800 477 967      Telephone  +62 21 5794 3731  Telephone  +60 3 58856227
     National     1300 767 492
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