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Plant & Equipment                                                          u MyMachines GPS >  Specifically

                                                                                   designed for plant and equipment
                                                                                   owners, rental hire operators and
     MyMachines IT-300 3G/4GLTE
     Live Tracking
     PTO Monitoring                                                                Use IntelliTrac IT300 MyMachines
     Fuel Tank Level Monitoring                                                    3G/4G LTE  GPS to verify equipment
     Hourmeter Service Alerts                                                      usage, hours of operation, receive
                                                                                   hour meter based servicing reports
     Specialised Reporting
                                                                                   and more.
                                                                                   A great method to increase the
                                                                                   efficiency of your equipment, analyse
                                                                                   it's usage, implement proactive
       Tractors Excavators Skid Steers Generators Elevated Work Platforms          service schedules and improve

    MyMachines NextG/4G                                                                    Track, Immobilise
                                 Remote Control
    IP66 Rated                                                                             Arm/Disarm Security

    “IntelliTrac helped us provide proof of hours & location worked to our clients.

      It increased productivity,  identified & reduced fuel theft & provided peace of mind.

     Mining Oil & Gas IVMS

    IntelliTrac provides a complete range of IVMS In vehicle
    monitoring systems and Personal Lone Worker Systems
    for the mining oil and gas industries.

    IntelliTrac IVMS technology provides regional or global
    coverage and is based on a combination of  GPS, Iridium
    and 3G/4G LTE networks.  IntelliTrac IVMS complies
    with the standards set out by major Australian &
    international mining companies

      Featuring                                   Advanced IVMS Mining Oil & Gas Functions

      þ Live Turn by Turn TrueTracking            þ Monitor speed limits within defined areas
      þ Journey Replay & Analysis                 þ Monitor distances travelled within mining sites
      þ Route Planning & Optimisation             þ Monitor seat belt usage
      þ Fleet Activity Reporting                  þ Monitor 4WD engaged on unsealed roads
      þ Driver Behaviour Reporting                þ Monitor vehicle impact
      þ Engine Management Reporting               þ Monitor vehicle roll over
      þ Business/Private Use Reporting            þ Monitor SOS in vehicle and remote activated buttons
      þ Fatigue Management Reporting              þ Journey Management Plans - Schedule - Actual - Monitoring
      þ Vehicle Servicing Reporting               þ Driver call in buttons and welfare checks
      þ Exception & Security Alerting             þ Remote messaging & navigation
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