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Magnetic Mount
       Trailers & Containers                                                  GPS - GLONASS - 3G - NextG
                                                                              3 Year Battery
                                                                              Rechargeable Battery
                                                                              Detach Alert
                                                                              Up To 3  Positions Per Day
                                                                              IP66 Rated

                                                                             Clip On or Permanent Mount
                                                                             GPS - GLONASS - 3G - NextG
                                                                             IP 66 Rated
                                                                             4 input monitoring
                                                                             Temp monitoring
                                                                             Rechargeable Battery
                                                                                 External power and/or 3 year battery

                                                                             Clip On or Permanent Mount
                                                                             GlobalStar Satellite Coverage
                                                                             IP 66 Rated
                                                                             2 input monitoring
                                                                             3 Year Battery Life
                                                                             1 position per day
                                                                                Live Tracking at Sea


                                        Vehicle Sensor Integration

                                                                  Live Tyre Pressure & Temp Monitoring

                                                                  Real time monitoring and alerts for any tyres which
                                                                  are out of pressure and temperature specs

                                                                 Live Mass Management Monitoring
                                                                 Live axle weight monitoring and alerts for over weight.
                                                                 IntelliTrac is able to integrate into various brands of
                                                                 OEM and after market vehicle scales.

                                                                 Information may be displayed on the IntelliTrac  in
                                                                 vehicle mobile data terminal.
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