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GPS - GLONASS - 3G - NextG Tracking
           SMS Alerts
           SOS Button
           Cancel SOS Button
           Man Down Alert
           Vibrate Function
           Covert eves dropping

                                                  Lone Worker Personal Tracking

                                                  SOS - Man Down

                                                Chain of Responsibility

       IntelliTrac provides a seamless integrated
       telematics module and driver app to assist
       with your Chain of Responsibility obligations.

       Available on dedicated in vehicle fixed data
       terminals or smart phones and tablets,
       IntelliTracs CoR module forms of the GPS
       Tracking  Software suite and provides the
       following features:
       Ÿ Driver identification
       Ÿ Driver allocation to vehicles & plant
       Ÿ Driver Declaration of fitness to work
       Ÿ Vehicle Pre - Start Check Lists
       Ÿ Vehicle fault reporting
       Ÿ Electronic Work Diary
       Ÿ Fatigue Management
       Ÿ Mass Management
       Ÿ Fringe Benefits Tax Recording (LCV)

           Compliance  Made Easy
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