GPS Engine Management Telematics Modules

IntelliTrac Live Engine Management CanBus & OBDII Telematics

IntelliTrac provides a complete range of engine management telematics solutions including the standalone IntelliTrac OT-10 Easy OBDII GPS Tracking dongle, as well as internal OBDII PCB Card modules & externally RS232 interfaced OBDII, J1708, J1939 CanBus modules for the IntelliTrac IT300 Elite.

IntelliTrac Easy OBDII Plug & Play GPS Tracker

"IntelliTrac Easy"
Winner Canstar Innovation Award

At IntelliTrac we have spent years of research & development with hundreds of vehicles out in the field making the best OBDII Plug & Go GPS Tracking device in the world. Our R&D department was backed by a team of analysts, independent research facilities & major insurance companies to ensure device reliability & the reliability of data produced. We also engaged focus groups to provide feedback on ease of installation & ease of use.
With tens of thousands of the devices now sold, we are confident that we have produced the best product in its class.

"IntelliTrac Easy"
Locate OBDII Then Plug & Go

Intellitrac "Easy" provides a quick & efficient installation for the DIY client in most passenger & light commercial vehicles.
All vehicles sold in Australia & New Zealand since 2007 and those sold in USA since 1996 are equipped with an OBDII connector. This connector is located under the steering column and within 60cm of the brake pedal. Simply locate the OBDII connector & plug in the GPS tracker and wait for both Green and Red LED to come on SOLID (not flashing)

IntelliTrac IT300 Elite OBDII User Defineable Interface

OBDII Interface
IntelliTrac Internal IT300 UDI

IntelliTrac OBDII UDI is an internal printed circuit board module which is slotted into the IT300 Elite, to provide OBDII engine management monitoring for most passenger and light commercial 12 volt vehicles manufactured in USA after 1996 and Australia after 2007. The UDI is capable of being configured to interpret up to 10 CanBus OBDII PID. It is also able to receive Diagnostic Trouble Code flags and query both live and stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes

IntelliTrac "CanBus Interface"
Heavy Vehicle & Plant J1939 J1708

IntelliTrac J1939 & J1708 CanBus module interfaces to the IntelliTrac IT300 Elite GPS Tracker via the RS232 interface to provide CanBus engine management monitoring for most heavy vehicles and plant. The CanBus interface is capable of being configured to interpret various parameters available on the canbus such as engine load, fuel consumption, RPM, odometer, fuel levels, engine oil and coolant temperatures as well as diagnostic Trouble Code flags and query both live and stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes

IntelliTrac J1939 J1708 CanBus Reader
  • Driver RFID Reader
    Driver RFID readers coupled with cards or keyfobs automatically assign drivers to vehicles for each trip.
  • Engine Management Monitoring
    OBDII Engine Management modules allow the telematics device to transmit live engine data & fault codes.
  • Mobile Data Terminal
    Our Android 4G LTE MDT runs a range of apps developed by IntelliTrac inc.Bizzow, CoR, FBT, Waste, TMS, eLogbooks.
  • Refrigerated Temperature Monitoring
    A range of refrigerated goods transport temperature monitoring sensors for up to 3 compartments
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
    Monitor up to 8 tyres for pressures & temperatures and stream alerts real time into the telematics platform.
  • Video Recording & Streaming
    Taking dashcams to the next level with 8 camera 30 day recording, live streaming, event capture interface by MDT.
  • FBT Console
    Providing a simple method of logging business & private trips to satisfy ATO FBT Logbook requirements.
  • Iridium Satcoms
    Connected to the IntelliTrac "Elite" provides Satcoms switch over when GSM networks are not available.
  • Mass Management
    IntelliTrac Elite provides interfacing to various brands of vehicle scales, providing live data streaming.
  • Driver Behaviour
    In Cabin Driver Behaviour feedback and coaching via audio visual signals
  • Remote SOS
    Providing a series of short and long range UHF remote sos buttons and pendants
  • Fuel Level Sensors
    IntelliTrac provides a range of fuel tank level sensors for plant & equipment
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