Evolution GPS Tracker

IntelliTrac "Evo" Entry Level Commercial Grade GPS Tracking Devices for cars, SUV & LCV

Our IntelliTrac "Evo" is a hardwired professionally installed version of our OBDII plug & go GPS tracking device and is suitable for companies wanting a level of data granularity above our entry level Edge GPS Tracker. This product suits small to medium business wanting economical solutions right through to corporates wanting an entry level covertly and professionally installed GPS Tracking device with second by second granularity of data on demand including driver behaviour analysis .

IntelliTrac Evo GPS Tracker

"IntelliTrac Evo"
We Created An Evolution

At IntelliTrac we have spent years of research & development with hundreds of vehicles out in the field making the best "transitional" GPS Tracking device in the world. Our R&D department was backed by a team of analysts, independent research facilities & major insurance companies to ensure device reliability & the reliability of data produced. We also engaged focus groups to provide feedback on ease of use.
With tens of thousands of the devices now sold, we are confident that we have produced the best product in its class.

IntelliTrac Evo GPS Tracker Specifications & Features

Technical Specifications which set the benchmark in the industry.

Feature Availability
Part No./SKU OT10Lite-Evo
Dimensions 50(W) x 28(H) x 42(D) (mm)
Weight 65g
GPS Receiver 66 Channels A-GPS & Glonass
Frequency 2G NZ/ 3G AU & others
Power 8V to 16V
Power Consumption Active <150mA
Power Consumption Standby <40mA
Power Consumption Active <8mA
Backup Battery 230mA LiPo 3.7V
Configuration Port USB
Memory 4MB Flash
Accelerometer Built In Tri-axial
Blackbox Recorder 50,000 Events
Blackbox Sampling 1 Second
GSM Outage Store & Forward Buffer 50,000 Events
Operating Temp -20 to +65 deg C
GPS Position Updates Configurable 1 sec to 65565 sec
Realtime Clock Compensate Loss of GPS
GPS Bounce inaccuracy filtering
Sim Pin Setting
Over The Air Configuration
Over The Air Firmware Updates
RoHS Compliant
CE Compliant
FCC Certified
Aus A-Tick & C-Tick
Malaysia Sirim Approval
Indonesia Type Approval
Vehicle Battery Disconnect Warning
Vehicle Battery Connect Notification
Vehicle Battery Low Voltage Warning
Vehicle Battery Voltage Recharged Notification
GPS Tracker Unplugged Warning
GPS Tracker Plugged In Notification
GPS Tracker Battery Low Warning
GPS Tracker Battery Recharged Notification
Smart Power Management Modes
Daily Health Check Reporting
3 Times Per Day Reporting Regardless Of Use
Advanced Driver Behaviour Analysis
Detect Extreme Braking
Detect Collision
Monitor Speed
Alert Excessive Speed
GPS Odometer
GPS Odometer Accuracy Filtering

IntelliTrac Evo GPS Tracking Software Features

IntelliTrac software is available as a fully responsive browser based PC web app, iOS App and Android App

Number of Software Users Unlimited
Software Security Username & Password
Software Privileges User, Power User, Power User Plus, Superuser, Administrator
Allocation of software privileges to each user
Allocation of day time login privilges to each user
Allocation of date time reporting & viewing privileges to each user
After hours privacy mode setting
Manual allocation of drivers to vehicles
Automated app based allocation of drivers to vehicles
Driver data tables including licencing requirements
Driver incident/infringement register
Vehicle make, model, year, reg, vin data register
Custom vehicle data fields
Vehicle Service data and alerts
Fuel Card Usage reporting
Live tracking multi vehicle
Live tracking one vehicle per map window
Single Vehicle Journey Replay
Multi Vehicle Journey Replay
Journey Report
Stop time report
Working hours report
After hours usage report
Excessive Idle Reporting
Activity within geofence report
Alert Wizard
Pop Up alerts on software
Email Alerts
SMS alerts via 3rd party email to sms converter (Additional cost)
Push notifications via 3rd party Pushover app(additional cost)
Alert Configuration Manager
Driver behaviour reporting
Driver behaviour fleet leader board
Excessive RPM Alerts
Fuel Consumption Reports
Custom Report builder
Report Email Scheduler
Online Training Manual
Online Training Video
RPM Monitoring
Customisable Dynamic Trend Analysis Dashboard
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