GPS Tracking Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport Cold Chain Management GPS Telematics

IntelliTrac's Elite GPS Tracker coupled to IntelliTrac's Temperature sensing modules, ensure peace of mind, by providing live GPS tracking of refrigerated cargo location & temperature every 30 seconds.
IntelliTrac's alert processor provides instant alerts to drivers and remote staff when temperatures fall outside specifications, whilst IntelliTrac's I/O controllers are able to monitor and remote control refrigeration units as required.

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Refrigerated Transport Cold Chain GPS Tracker with Temperature sensing
Refrigerated Transport Live GPS Temperature Monitoring Reporting

Live & Historical GPS Temperature Reports

IntelliTrac refrigerated goods GPS tracking & temperature monitoring provides the following functionality over and above IntelliTrac's hi end features:
  • Monitor up to 3 separate temperature compartments simultaneously
  • Live recording of temperatures
  • Live GPS tracking of vehicle location
  • Optional live monitoring of refrigeration unit ignition status
  • Optional live monitoring of refrigeration unit fuel levels
  • Optional alerts for temperatures falling out of spec
  • Optional monitoring of cargo door openings
  • Optional Live SatComs monitoring for regional areas without 3G/4G comms
  • Optional digital on/off control of refrigeration units

Data Analysis Tools

IntelliTrac provides user friendly customisable drag and drop data analysis tools to assist with interpreting and analysing data such as:

  • Analyse up to 3 temperature compartments at once
  • Analyse vehicle ignition status effect on refer temperature
  • Analyse refer unit operation - such as time to reach acceptable temperatures
  • Analyse the affect of door openings & curtains on temperatures in each compartment
  • Analyse fuel tank levels & fuel burn for claiming Fuel Tax Credits
  • Prove goods were loaded and transported within customer spec
Refrigerated Transport Data Analysis
Cold Chain Solutions Replay Journey

Journey Replay With Temperature Monitoring

Replay historical journeys showing date, time, location and most importantly refrigerated temperature values to prove to clients that goods were transported within specification.

Refrigerated Transport Management Apps

IntelliTrac provides a comprehensive Refrigerated Transport Management solution comprising an Android based TMS app which can be run on mobile phones, tablets or IntelliTrac Mobile Data Terminals, coupled to the Cloud Based IntelliTrac Transport Management software suite.

Loaders and Drivers are provided an Android App encompassing:

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