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IntelliTrac Car Pooling Solutions

Since 2002 IntelliTrac has been a pioneering telematics hardware supplier to the pool car industry, providing solutions to resellers and integraters. Today we offer a complete & customisable solution to corporate & government fleet managers comprising of the following modules:

  • Online Booking System
  • RFID Card Keyless Entry & Go Technology
  • App based Keyless Entry & Go Technology
  • Booking Reminders
  • Return Reminders & Extensions
  • Ride Sharing/multi passenger/multi use
  • Multi Zone Pickup & Drop off
  • Book by vehicle attribute
  • Vehicle Utilisation Balancing
  • Automated or Manual Vehicle Allocation
  • Automated FBT Logbooks
  • Pre-Start Checks
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Integrated Telematics Solutions

IntelliTrac provides an Integrated GPS Tracking Telematics based Car Pool Solution which may be configured to suit individual client requirements. All information is collected within the one solution, which includes:

  • Vehicle Attribute & Service Data
  • Custodian & Driver Data including licencing data
  • Compliance Data such as FBT logbooks & FTC or RUC(NZ)
  • Driver Behaviour & Coaching Data
  • Vehicle utilisation data
  • WHS Data such as pre-start check lists & incident reporting tools
Corporate & Government Car Pooling
IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device

"IntelliTrac Elite GPS Telematics"
Car Pool Edition

IntelliTrac Elite is the 4th generation flagship GPS Fleet Management Telematics device by IntelliTrac. With leading edge technology & functionality, the Elite sets the benchmark in the industry with functionality, scaleability & flexibility well beyond any other product in the market.
Providing all standard telematics functionality, Elite is further excelled by its ability to provide advanced telematics data for Car Pooling applications such as dead reckoning for locating vehicles within underground or multi level car parks as well as the ability to internally store advanced booking data for fast offline driver authentication.

Live GPS Locations

IntelliTrac GPS Fleet Management Solutions provide accurate live real time GPS locations of all vehicles in your fleet:-

  • Live GPS Locations
  • Replay Journeys
  • Receive Alerts for vehicles operating outside defined rules
  • Vehicle Activity Reporting
  • Monitor live locations, speed and driving behaviour
Live GPS Tracking by IntelliTrac
IntelliTrac Driver behaviour Scoring

Driver Behaviour Analysis

IntelliTrac's driver behaviour analysis algorithms go over and above the industry standards of counting the number of harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding events.
Working with multiple universities and research centres globally, IntelliTrac has developed algorithms which monitor second by second variations in driving habits as well as factoring in road types, familiarity to routes and time of day travel to provide advanced predictions of driving behaviour and the likelihood of incidents.

Accurate Fuel Purchase & Usage Information

Is your business relying on paper based technologies to predict odometer readings, fuel consumption & FBT?

At IntelliTrac our Fleet management Solutions provide:-
  • Accurate Odometer & Engine Hour Readings
  • Accurate Fuel Consumption
  • Quantify Fuel Usage and Possible Fuel Theft
  • Match Fuel Card Usage To Refueling location
  • Match Fuel Type & Quantity Purchased To Vehicle Specifications
  • Calculate Business & Private Use & Days available for private use for FBT Logbooks
  • Calculate Fuel tax Credits in Australia and RUC in New Zealand
IntelliTrac Fuel Card Matching Report


IntelliTrac Fleet Servicing Reminders

Service & Maintenance Reminders

IntelliTrac provides modules to configure planned inspections, servicing, maintenance and configurable reminders.

This flexible module provides the following features:

  •   Reminders based on odometer
  •   Reminders based on hour meter
  •   Reminders based on times & Seasons
  •   Reminders for Rego, Insurance, Safety Checks
  •   Disposal reminders based on time, hourmeter & odometer
  •   Service Parts & Checklists Required For Each Service

CoR, FTC, FBT, RUC Compliance

Fleet managers are constantly trying to take the guess work out of their decision making as well as streamlining administrative compliance. IntelliTrac solutions assist with a number of modules and apps to streamline:-

  • Pre-start Check lists and reporting of maintenance issues
  • Fatigue Management and Electronic Driver Logbooks
  • Fringe Benefits Tax and Electronic Logbooks
  • Fuel Tax Credits reporting and substatiation (Au)
  • Road User Charge management and refund claims (NZ)
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Work order scheduling, assignment & monitoring
IntelliTrac FBT App
IntelliTrac Fleet Utilisation

Fleet Utilisation

Knowing how to get the best value from your assets is important to all fleet managers. IntelliTrac offers a number of live dashboards and reporting tools providing information such as :-

  • Utilisation during business hours
  • Utilisation in field
  • Average hours used per day/month/year
  • Distance travelled & travel duration
  • Inherent downtime
  • Late in field starts & early finishes
  • Average hours avalaible for use - Pool Cars
  • Average hours parked at company locations per day
  • Driver RFID Reader
    Driver RFID readers coupled with cards or keyfobs automatically assign drivers to vehicles for each trip.
  • In Vehicle SOS
    SOS button mounted in vehicles alerting monitoring centres, management & nearby staff of an emergency
  • Remote SOS
    Providing a series of short & long range UHF remote sos buttons & pendants interfacing to the IntelliTrac Elite
  • Personal GPS Tracker
    Lone Worker Personal GPS Tracking Devices with SOS & Man Down Alerts
  • Mobile Data Terminal Apps
    Safety Compliance Declarations such as Fatigue Management, Pre-Start Checks, SWMS/JSA, Job Dispatch
  • Smartphone & Tablet Apps
    Safety Compliance Declarations such as Fatigue Management, Pre-Start Checks, SWMS/JSA, Job Dispatch
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
    Monitor up to 8 tyres for pressures & temperatures and stream alerts real time into the telematics platform.
  • Video Recording & Streaming
    Taking dashcams to the next level with 8 camera 30 day recording, live streaming, event capture interface by MDT.
  • Dash Cams
    Providing evidence to incidences occuring in everyday driving. Recording up to 128 hours of video.
  • Iridium Satcoms
    Provides Satcoms failsafe switch over when GSM networks are not available to send SOS, Crash & Rollover events.
  • Mass Management
    Providing live streaming of vehicle weights & alerting back office staff & drivers if vehicles are over loaded.
  • Driver Behaviour
    In Cabin Driver Behaviour feedback and coaching via audio visual signals, improving driving culture quickly.
  • Journey Management Plans
    Defining a formal journey plan with check points to ensure you comply with fatigue guidelines & arrive safely
  • Efficient Workflows
    Bizzow Job Map allows managers to plan travelling patterns & workflows to ensure field staff are not fatigued.
  • Efficient Task Management
    Bizzow Job Dispatch allows managers to schedule & allocate tasks and manage WHS, Incident & QA Forms
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