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GPS Trackers For All Applications

IntelliTrac Easy OBDII Plug and play DIY GPS Tracker

Easy DIY OBDII Tracker

Intellitrac "Easy" provides a quick & efficient DIY Plug & Play installation in most 12V passenger & light commercial vehicles. Now suitable for 24V vehicles.

Suits Small Business & Personal Vehicles

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IntelliTrac Edge Economical Professionally installer GPS tracker

Edge Hardwired GPS Tracker

"Edge" provides basic no frills GPS tracking features in a reliable, robust commercial product for Cars, Trucks & Machinery.

Suits Small to Medium Business

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IntelliTrac Eagle Video Telematics GPS tracker

Eagle Live Video Telematics

Eagle is a live streaming smart dashcam combined with a simple GPS tracking platform. Features include live tracking, journey replay, simple trip acivity reporting & driver behaviour scoring

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IntelliTrac Elite Top Of The Range Tracker

Elite Top Of The Range

"Elite" is our top of the range GPS Tracker providing up to 4 GNSS Networks, Dead Reckoning, 30 I/O, RS232, OBDII, RFID & more

Suits Corporate, Government, Mining Oil & Gas

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IntelliTrac Evolve Self Powered Magnetic Mount GPS Tracker for Trailers & Containers

Evolve Trailer & Container Tracker

"Evolve" is a self powered Magnetic Mount GPS Tracker suitable for trailers & containers. It provides up to 3 years tracking on one charge

Suits business of all sizes

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IntelliTrac Escort Personal GPS Tracker for children, elderly & lone workers

Escort Personal GPS Tracker

Escort is a robust commercial grade GPS Personal Tracker with advanced options such as SOS & Call In button as well as Man Down Alerts.

Suits Personal Use to Corporate & Government

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  • Driver RFID Reader
    Driver RFID readers coupled with cards or keyfobs automatically assign drivers to vehicles for each trip.
  • In Vehicle SOS
    SOS button mounted in vehicles alerting monitoring centres, management & nearby staff of an emergency
  • Remote SOS
    Providing a series of short & long range UHF remote sos buttons & pendants interfacing to the IntelliTrac Elite
  • Engine Management Monitoring
    OBDII Engine Management modules allow the telematics device to transmit live engine data & fault codes.
  • Mobile Data Terminal
    Our Android 4G LTE MDT runs a range of apps developed by IntelliTrac inc.Bizzow, CoR, FBT, Waste, TMS, eLogbooks.
  • Smartphone & Tablet Apps
    Safety Compliance Declarations such as Fatigue Management, Pre-Start Checks, SWMS/JSA, Job Dispatch
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
    Monitor up to 8 tyres for pressures & temperatures and stream alerts real time into the telematics platform.
  • Video Recording & Streaming
    Taking dashcams to the next level with 8 camera 30 day recording, live streaming, event capture interface by MDT.
  • Dash Cams
    Providing evidence to incidences occuring in everyday driving. Recording up to 128 hours of video.
  • Iridium Satcoms
    Provides Satcoms failsafe switch over when GSM networks are not available to send SOS, Crash & Rollover events.
  • Mass Management
    Providing live streaming of vehicle weights & alerting back office staff & drivers if vehicles are over loaded.
  • Driver Behaviour
    In Cabin Driver Behaviour feedback and coaching via audio visual signals, improving driving culture quickly.
  • FBT Console
    Providing a simple method of logging business & private trips to satisfy ATO FBT Logbook requirements in Australia.
  • Fuel Level Sensors
    IntelliTrac provides a range of fuel tank level sensors for plant & equipment
  • Efficient Task Management
    Bizzow Job Dispatch allows managers to schedule & allocate tasks and manage WHS, Incident & QA Forms
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We are committed to developing & bringing to market leading edge, reliable, affordable products & software solutions, that provide real benefits to our customers, backed by excellent customer service & support.

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