Asset Tracker Melbourne

Asset Tracking in Melbourne

Why should you utilise asset tracking melbourne?

While the benefits of telematics are numerous and obvious, such technology allows for seamless maintenance and enhances fleet dependability and logistics. Driver habits can be easily detected, logistics can be thoroughly optimised, and maintenance cycles for vehicles are simpler to notify.

Driver profiles may also be created to control and decide which drivers are most suited to drive various cars. Vehicle telematics information and system integration can recognise such characteristics and make vehicle mobility more efficient and accessible when it comes to asset monitoring in Melbourne.

The logistical benefit of an asset tracker Melbourne is significant: every car is tracked in real time on the system's app. Everything, whether pickups or deliveries, may be planned through a telematics solution. This type of exercise improves driving efficiency while also lowering vehicle maintenance and fuel expenses. Telematics has also been integrated into a variety of software and hardware solutions aimed at enhancing and organising fleet operations.

Although there are several types of asset tracking in Melbourne, we want to educate our users, visitors and prospective clients on the essential knowledge and advantages of outdoor asset monitoring and surveillance.

What is GPS Asset Tracking in Melbourne?

A GPS asset tracker in Melbourne, also known as an unparalleled GPS tracking system, may boost the asset's safety, give real time location data and provide telemetry to understand the vehicles performance. Furthermore, GPS asset monitoring in Melbourne may send out instant notifications in emergencies to drivers of vehicles. Overall, the tracker is designed to protect your resources, such as assets and equipment.

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Asset Tracking in Melbourne Comprises Several Advantages

Automation & Productivity

A user may even address mechanical difficulties in real-time via the usage of the softwares messaging app. An asset tracker in Melbourne may now provide rapid access to vehicle or fleet information and notify the business if any urgent mechanical issues need to be addressed or corrected.

For example, if a vehicle breaks down during delivery, the asset tracker in Melbourne can notify the fleet manager, who can then call towing providers to come collect the vehicle.


Since drivers know their movements and behavioural changes are being recorded in real-time, such accountability leads to greater caution. When they come to terms with their manager reporting their fleet movement and even gain access to dash cams to acknowledge congested traffic, drivers will be more inclined towards driving safely.


The system mandates that every driver working behind the wheel abides by their hours of service protocol, this aligns with the Chain of Responsibilty act that in place. This ensures they’re always alert with asset tracker and hardware integration offering verifiable and organised logs to timesheets, management, and drivers.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Right GPS Asset Tracking Melbourne Solution

  • Customisability: Ensure the system allows you to create changes on the go, such as sending firmware updates.
  • Ability to track vital parameters: Apart from utilising real-time movement, an ideal system must monitor factors like asset temperature, motion and vibration, weather conditions, traffic and road conditions, air quality, and asset-out-of-bounds
  • Notifications and reminders: An ideal asset tracking in Melbourne will remind the user regarding maintenance and preventative maintenance.
  • Security: The system you adhere to must have potent security layers.

Why Choose IntelliTrac?

IntelliTrac gives you a birds-eye view of your business, improving customer service and productivity. With the help of live GPS asset tracking in Melbourne, you can easily track vehicles to enhance vehicle utilisation and improve fleet operations.

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