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How successfully are Australian businesses safeguarding themselves against fleet theft, let alone in Melbourne?

Fleet theft may not 100% be completely avoidable, but you can certainly implement some measures that will help ensure that finding it again will be simple.

Surprisingly, thousands of vehicle owners place their keys somewhere easily accessible, in an easy to see location.

Vehicle theft in Melbourne will always be an issue that will be on peoples lips until the end of time.

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Control Room

Do fleet tracking devices in Melbourne help?

IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device

In addition to simple vehicle tracking, fleet tracking devices in Melbourne allow for data gathering and validation, as well as predictive analytics.

Advanced GPS tracking devices and telematics may be used to enhance a fleet that can be grown as needed. Not only can you access data from assets, vehicles, and relevant systems, but it also helps to streamline operations and leads to better business choices.

Fundamental Advantages of a Fleet Tracking Device Melbourne

Fleet Productivity

With a fleet tracking device, you can obtain immediate insight into your vehicles’ status, overall performance, analytical understanding of the movement and hundreds of greater insights. In simpler terms, this allows you to enhance your company’s fleet productivity when it concerns resource allocation.

Driver Safety and Behaviour

Using fleet monitoring devices in Melbourne, you may learn about how cars are driven. As a result of this technology, one can determine ways to decrease speeding, harsh braking, and other potentially hazardous activities that could harm the driver and the fleet of vehicles. Speaking of which, driver behaviour analytics have time and time aginr proven that it helps greatly reduce accident risks and fuel expenses

Emergency Services Server
Emergency Services GIS Mapping


Intellitrac fleet monitoring solutions in Melbourne give you precise, simple, and automatic data to ensure that you meet all government and chain of responsibility requirements. This is more than just meeting compliances, this is truly ensuring everyone goes to work and gets home safely.

Reduce Admin Burdens

Everything from document management to driver scorecards is handled and accommodated automatically, reducing administrative strain significantly. As a result, the office personnel may prioritise issues that require quick attention rather than those that comprise of the fleets.

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