What Are The Benefits Of GPS Tracking?

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Benefits Of GPS

What Are The Benefits Of GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking devices are a highly sought-out item for fleet managers.Made for the manager who's intent is to enhance their day to day operations of their fleet of vehicles.

Not only small fleet managers, but large multi-national companies and government organisations have all experienced the satisfaction of tracking. 

Luckily for all fleet oriented organisations, there are endless benefits of GPS tracking that can easily elevate any fleets productivity to all-time highs.

Let's dive deeper into some of the real advantages of GPS tracking .

Increased Productivity


The first major benefit of a GPS tracking system is the increased productivity levels.

When implementing GPS tracking solution, you will begin to notice a more efficient fleet, as you will have complete transparency on their location and outputs. Which you can now create realistic benchmarks to work towards.

Apart from benchmarking, the capability to have the knowledge and insight into driver activities and real-time location is a pivotal advantage of a vehicle tracking system.

When drivers are told they are being tracked, they are ultimately more focused on completing the job required and have less time to 'muck about' as there every move is being monitored, enhancing staff productivity levels dramatically.

Driver behaviour data extracted from a GPS device also goes hand in hand with a drivers countability. With this information gathered from the tracker, it can give a fleet manager greater insight into why vehicles may require more maintenance than others.

This can allow for constructive feedback for an employee who's driving may be detrimental to a particular vehicles bottom line.

Productivity benefits also come in the form of communication and job allocation. When a client calls and wants an exact time of arrival for the driver, the GPS tracker will be able to tell the fleet manager when they will be arriving.

Furthermore, if a job became available, instead of ringing around drivers to attend the work,a fleet manager at the click of a button could allocate an employee with ease.

This all thanks to a GPS device in the vehicle.


cost effective

Another benefit of GPS tracking implementation, is the cost-effective application it can provide to your fleet.

Some of the big cost-effective items that fleet managers reap the benefits of include:

  • Vehicle maintenance cost
  • Reducing fuel costs
  • Staff overtime costs
  • Unauthorised usage of vehicles

    Just to name a few.

    With GPS tracking, it makes life a lot easier to eradicate some of the high costs of vehicle maintenance. Driver behaviour data extracted from the tracker can show which drivers are over-revving, speeding, harsh braking and idling excessively.

    This can allow a fleet manager with this knowledge, to pass on the information to the drivers and ensure their habits change on the roads, inturn ensuring a longer livelihood of the vehicle.

    Reducing fuel costs is always a big one, for any fleet manager. With the soaring price of fuel, it's an expense that can be hard to manage. Similar to vehicle maintenance costs, driver behaviour data can show that over-revving, speeding, and idling.

    These are all indications of excessive use of fuel use. This information, again, can be passed onto driversto alter their behaviours to ensure fuel costs remain low.

    Cost-effective measures that can also be gathered through GPS tracking is the elimination of timesheets and verification of employees work hours.

    With GPS tracking software, driver vehicle data can be analysed and determined when an employee began and ended work.

    This can minimalise expensive overtime claims, reduce admin costs and completely eliminate unauthorised use of company vehicles outside of work hours. 

    Lastly, one extremely cost-effective benefit that has been seen through the years is saving money on insurance claims and speeding tickets. This has been seen time and time again when a vehicle is charged for speeding or being in an accident.

    GPS location data has been successful in court and by insurance companies to prove that a driver was not culpable of the offense. 

    Job Dispatch


    An underlying fleet tracking benefit that only a good GPS tracking solution will provide is a job dispatch & field service solution software that integrates with GPS Tracking.

    This is, undoubtedly, one of the best benefits of GPS tracking.

    A legitimate lifesaver when it comes to managing your fleet to ensure it reaches the peak of its powers.

    Imagine having the capabilities to streamline your fleet by implementing a CRM, rostering, scheduling, job dispatch and tracking software all into one platform.

    Inclusive of your GPS tracking!

    It would make fleet managing that much easier as it could all be managed on the one platform.

    Bizzow is the ideal solution for a fleet manager who has to run a busy fleet and wants to ensure that an app can dispatch jobs, invoice, quote, schedule, sign forms, take photos, track, route plan, document and more. 

    This is one significant tool that can make fleet managers jobs all that bit easier.

    24/7 Location Tracking

    Another basic, yet an essential benefit of GPS Tracking for fleets is having a transparency on a vehicles location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    It's one of the origins of GPS Tracking and the main reason fleet managers turn to track in the first place.

    It provides the answers to the most of basic of questions in the fleet industry...

    "Where are my vehicles?"

    Not only does it provide the solution of knowing the actual location of the vehicles. It also answers the question regarding the safety of the vehicle itself. When the office is shut for the day and the vehicles are in what you deem a 'safe location', it doesn't deter the daring criminal to attempt a brazen theft from within your fleet's headquarters.

    Having the peace of mind with GPS tracking, knowing that if this were to occur, your vehicles will be tracked every second and can provide real-time location for authorities to track down and return in safe hands without any second-guessing is where the real benefit of GPS tracking comes to fruition. 

    Apart from the obvious safety and location benefits, insurance premiums also become more affordable as insurance companies can knowingly accept there is less of a risk when a vehicle is GPS tracked. 

    Route Optimisation

    Route Planner

    Last, but not least, a fundamental benefit of GPS vehicle tracking systems is the route optimisation technology implemented within the software. 

    Most people when they think GPS, the instantaneous thought is a GPS Navigator. Which don't get us wrong, makes sense as they were the original route planner. But route planning is a different ball game in comparison to route optimisation.

    A route planner will only plan your trip to your destination using the most common, direct, main road routes possible. It will not factor in variables such as driving conditions, traffic conditions, etc.

    Within a GPS tracking device and its route optimisation capability, the software will provide you with the best route to get to your destination in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

    This can allow for avoiding traffic and congested parts of the road in busy peak hour times.Thus, ensuring the most productive, quickest & affordable route possible, to allow the job to be completed successfully.

    Not to forget, route optimisation can be modified to allow for multiple jobs that may need to be completed on the 1 journey.

    To go one up on that, a fleet manager could optimise a driver's whole day journey the day prior. This can allow a manager to work out exactly how many jobs could realistically fit into 1 day.

    These are just some of the benefits of GPS tracking your company and fleet could take advantage of.

    To learn more about IntelliTrac GPS Tracking devices and are wanting to find a solution to your GPS issues be sure to Click Here and organise a chat or even demonstration with one of our IntelliTrac support staff.

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